AGY-1921 | Home for Boys, Tamworth (1948-1976) Endeavour House (1976-1990)

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Endeavour House was a maximum security detention centre for young male offenders (1) aged between 15 and 18 years. (2) Established on 2 February 1948, it was originally called the Home for Boys, Tamworth, and described as "being for those lads who have not responded to the conditions of an open institution and who require a short period of strict disciplinary training". (3) The Home for Boys was re-named Endeavour House in 1976 largely due to changes in legislation introduced to remove the institutional stigma against delinquent youths. (4)

While at Endeavour House the inmates participated in educational, recreational and vocational activities where discussion groups played a major part. There was also an emphasis on self discipline. (5)

The South Australian Royal Commission into the Administration of the Juvenile Courts Act assessed Endeavour House "as a successful experiment in resident/staff relationships, and gave the appearance of openness and normality, despite the very high brick wall." (6)

Endeavour House ceased being a detention centre on 1 June 1990. (7)

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