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The Bicentennial Secretariat was established in March 1981 following the creation of the Australian Bicentennial Authority. It was established to stimulate activity in the development of special programmes and events to celebrate the Bicentenary (1).

The Bicentennial Secretariat's prime functions were to:
(1) advise government on all issues relating to Bicentennial activities in NSW.
(2) assist, where appropriate, agencies involved in organising projects and events.
(3) oversight the administration of all State bicentennial funds though the development of the State Programme by the New South Wales Bicentennial Council, the Special Events Programme by the Directorate of Special Bicentennial Events, the New South Wales Departmental Recurrent Program and the jointly funded Commonwealth/State Commemorative Programme (2).

The Bicentennial Secretariat ceased operation on 30 June 1989 (3).

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2.State Records Disposal Authority No.4194.
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