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Agricultural Research Federation (AgReFed)
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Agricultural Research Federation

A Community and Data Ecosystem improving the sharing and reuse of agricultural data.

Collectors and holders of agricultural data are diverse and range from research institutes and government to industry groups and landholders. Finding, accessing and maximising the reuse of data is a challenge for research and innovation across the agricultural sector.

The Agricultural Research Federation (AgReFed) vision, as a collective, is to make agricultural data for research more findable, accessible, interoperable (easy to combine) and reusable (FAIR). As an outcome it will be easier to combine new and existing datasets and draw maximum value from our agricultural data for insightful decision making and innovative science across agriculture sectors. The e-infrastructure will be capable of connecting user communities that have not historically had access to re-useable agricultural data including health, society, climate change and environment.

AgReFed is a unique approach. Data providers are part of the Community that guides the technical infrastructure to meet the shared goal of making agricultural data more findable, accessible, interoperable and re-usable. The AgReFed Data Governance and Stewardship Framework has been developed and adopted. This ‘living document’ will help guide current and future data providers and users to engage as active participants of the AgReFed community. We hope you can join us as we work together with the common goal improving the sharing and reuse of agricultural data.