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Advanced CO2 Geological Storage Sites 2030 WMS

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Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International Licence

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Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International Licence

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This web service shows the spatial locations of potential CO2 storage sites that are at an advanced stage of characterisation and/or development. The areas considered to be at an advanced stage are parts of the Cooper Basin in central Australia, a portion of the Surat Basin (Queensland), the offshore Gippsland Basin (Victoria), where the CarbonNet Project is currently at an advanced stage of development and the Petrel Sub-basin. This service will be presented in the AusH2 Portal.


Statement: An earlier version of this web service was originally published in Feitz et al (2019) “Prospective hydrogen production regions of Australia”
Changes in this version include limiting advanced storage locations to the Barrow Sub-basin in Western Australia rather than whole Carnarvon Basin, extending the Toolachee Formation (Cooper Basin) into South Australia, and limiting the size of storage in the Gippsland Basin to the central basin section. Highly prospective areas in the Petrel Sub-basin identified in Consoli et al “Regional assessment of the CO2 storage potential of the Mesozoic succession in the Petrel Sub-basin, Northern Territory, Australia: summary report” are also now included.
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