The 2001 Australian Election Study

Research Project

Researchers: Professor Clive Bean

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Funding agency: Australian Research Council (ARC)

Grant No.: A79804144

Start year: 2001

Project objective: To provide a long-term perspective on stability and change in the political attitudes and behaviour of the Australian electorate; investigate the changing social bases of Australian politics as the economy and society modernise and change character; and examine the political issues prevalent in the election and assess their importance for election results.

Data time period: 2001 to 2001

159.105459,-9.221084 159.105459,-54.777218 112.921454,-54.777218 112.921454,-9.221084 159.105459,-9.221084


  • Local : 10378.3/8085/1018.13435
  • ARC : A79804144
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Clive Bean
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