X-Tream: A realtime X-ray treatment monitoring and dosimetry system for submillimetric radiosurgery [ 2011 - 2014 ]

Also known as: Radiosurgery with sub-millimeter x-ray beams: development of the X-Tream real-time beam monitoring and Quality Assurance system

Research Grant

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Researchers: Prof Michael Lerch (Principal investigator) ,  Dr Alberto Bravin Dr Christopher Hall Dr Daniel Hausermann Dr Marco Petasecca
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Brief description We plan to develop a commercial prototype of a new clinical product called X-Tream, together with pre-clinical experimental and Monte Carlo data to demonstrate its performance in one potential clinical application involving an exciting and rapidly developing radiosurgery technique known as microbeam radiation therapy. We intend to show that the X-Tream system has the demonstrated ability to provide essential measurements with the necessary accuracy to allow for future clinical trials.

Funding Amount $AUD 408,544.68

Funding Scheme Development Grants

Notes Development Grant

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