Water Sensitive Urban Design Impediments and Potential: Contributions to the SA Urban Water Blueprint

Research Project

Researchers: Mr David Pezzaniti (Is principal investigator of , Principal investigator)

Full description Water conservation, water quality improvement, flood control and a healthy living environment are just some of the benefits that can be delivered by Water Sensitive Urban Design (WSUD). Despite these benefits, WSUD has not been widely adopted in South Australia. This project aimed to find out why South Australia has not experienced mainstream uptake of WSUD before addressing those barriers and identifying opportunities to encourage the implementation of sustainable urban design which is tailored to the state's specific needs and conditions.

Data time period: 06 2012 to 30 06 2015

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138.521541,-34.978068 138.57407,-34.978068 138.57407,-34.992132 138.521541,-34.992132


138.620418,-34.819397 138.620418,-34.803048 138.678783,-34.803048 138.678783,-34.819397


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