WAMSI Node 2.2 - Dynamics and impact of the Leeuwin Current on the marine environment off Western Australia

Researchers: Feng, Ming, Dr (Principal investigator) ,  Lenton, Andrew (Associated with) ,  Matear, Richard (Associated with) ,  Sun, Chaojiao, Dr (Author)

Brief description The aims of this study are: - to identify the variability and long term trends in the eastern Indian Ocean and in the Leeuwin Current system, and their relationships to climatic forcing, using historical data and models; - to understand the dynamics of variability and long term trends; - to project future changes in the Leeuwin Current system from available coupled climate models - to develop the capability to downscale the relatively coarse products from climate models to the Leeuwin Current spatial scale (10 km); and - with Node 2.3 to project the climate changes onto the continental shelf at smaller scales. Observational data sets will be used to create models that achieve these aims.

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125.38,-13.59 125.38,-20.26 115.12,-20.26 115.12,-13.59 125.38,-13.59


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