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Establishment and Function

The Victorian Investment Corporation Limited was established in 1986 and was a public unlisted company owned by the State Government. The Corporation was established to provide management assistance and capital to enable the commercial development of new technologies, as part of the state's Technology Strategy. In this role, the Corporation invested money in Victorian companies considered to have a strategic role in technological development.

The Corporation was a subsidiary of the Victorian Economic Development Corporation (VA 1109) until the V.E.D.C. was wound down in November 1988. It was also part of the portfolio of the Minister for Industry, Technology and Resources.

The Corporation was sold by the Government on 30 June 1989. The State Bank (VA 1041) purchased a 49.9% shareholding of the company and a company, Austech Ventures, purchased the remaining 50.1%.

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No records of this agency are currently in the custody of the Public Record Office.

Data time period: [1986 TO 1989]

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