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Brief description This contains the data from the Cotton CRC project 1.2.4. collected between 1999 and 2001. This database has been developed by R.W. Vervoort, S.R. Cattle and B. Minasny using funding from the Australian Cotton CRC and its predecessor the CRC for Sustainable Cotton Production. The database contains hydraulic and more basic soil properties for 23 Vertosol samples from southeastern Australia. The exact experimental procedures for the data collection and references relating to the measurements in this database are described in the Cotton CRC project 1.2.4 Final Report (July 2001), and the following reference: Vervoort, R.W., S.R. Cattle and B. Minasny. 2003. The hydrology of Vertosols in cotton growing regions I: Hydraulic, structural and fundamental soil properties. Australian Journal of Soil Research 41:1255-1272

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