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Researchers: Prof Colin Chesterman (Principal investigator) ,  Prof Levon Khachigian (Principal investigator) ,  Prof Beng Chong Prof Christopher Parish Prof Michael Berndt
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Brief description This program of research is firmly focussed on the basic mechanisms involved in normal functioning of cells and tissues, followed by a step by step process to understand the abnormal or the diseased. The disease states we are investigating involve the blood and blood vessels, and when there is malfunction it may contribute to conditions as diverse as atherosclerosis, thrombosis, inflammation and cancer. The program thus addresses the fundamentals of diseases which are responsible for most deaths in our society. We will use technology which is proven to provide precise information, the molecular and biochemical processes responsible for cell function (or malfunction). However in each individual project there will be a clear path to a clinical use, diagnostic or therapeutic. Indeed in a number of the components of the program there are already potential treatments and diagnostics in development and trial.

Funding Amount $AUD 13,790,154.65

Funding Scheme Programs

Notes Program Grant

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