Validation and Replication of Genes Associated with Common Human Disease Using Australian Twin Families [ 2009 - 2013 ]

Research Grant

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Researchers: Prof Nicholas Martin (Principal investigator)

Brief description The European Network for Genetic and Genomic Epidemiology (ENGAGE) aims to translate the wealth of data emerging from large-scale research efforts in molecular epidemiology into information of direct relevance to future advances in clinical medicine. ENGAGE will do this through the integration of very large datasets already available from a substantial number of large and well-characterised samples. The resulting ENGAGE resource will represent a research investment >€100M (>AU$160M) and provide unprecedented power to discover disease and trait susceptibility genes. QIMR will contribute 12,000 twins for ENGAGE joint analyses and provide analytical expertise in the analysis of disease and genetic data related to lifestyle and metabolic traits, with particular emphasis on cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes and migraine risk factors. Our laboratory will also perform vital further genetic studies to establish the causal relationship between the genetic variants concerned and the traits of interest. Most importantly, our direct participation will allow the translation of these findings into the Australian population and clinical arena.

Funding Amount $AUD 921,224.89

Funding Scheme NHMRC Strategic Awards

Notes Aust/EU Collaborative Research Grant

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