Understanding urban cats through citizen science: the "Cat Tracker" project

Research Project

Researchers: Dr Philip Roetman (Principal investigator of, Principal investigator) ,  AsPr Belinda Chiera (Associated with) ,  AsPr Carla Litchfield (Associated with) ,  Associate Professor Roland Kays (Associated with) ,  Dr Hayley Tindle (Associated with)
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Full description The Cat Tracker project was a collaborative initiative to further the understanding of domestic cats and community views on their ownership, using a Citizen Science approach. Citizen Science research methodology sees scientists partner with the public to conduct scientific research. The project was made of two parts. The first part was a social survey which included sections relating to cat ownership, attachment to cats, participant demographics, general opinions on cats, and cat stories. The second part was a cat tracking study, where Global Positioning System tracking units and cat harnesses were given to cat owners to monitor their pet cat's movement for one week. This research helped to provide better understanding of cat management decisions by the community and inform cat management by local councils and state government. The project was conducted in partnership with researchers in Wellington, New Zealand and North Carolina, USA.

Data time period: 02 2014 to 31 12 2016

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