Uncovering the epigenetic landscape that regulates human transcriptional memory [ 2016 - ]

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Research Grant

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Researchers: Prof Sudha Rao (Principal investigator) ,  Dr Kristine Hardy Dr Nabila Seddiki A/Pr Corey Smith

Brief description The ‘T cells’ in our bodies develop a memory of previous infections so that we do not become ill from them again. However, we do not fully understand how this memory works and it fails as we get old. We will use cutting-edge techniques to examine the detailed molecular wiring that ‘remembers’ viruses and see how it changes over time. This is hoped to facilitate the design of new age-specific vaccines and drugs and promote a more personalised approach to preventing and treating immune diseases.

Funding Amount $708,208.00

Funding Scheme Project Grants

Notes Standard Project Grant

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