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Tropical Data Hub - Climate change impact projection tool

James Cook University
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A climate change impact projection tool that uses a graphical method of demonstrating the future impact of climate change on computed biodiversity (see the current Wallace Initiate development site: Specifically it will:

  1. Enable the reuse of research computed and observed species range data to inform both current and future environmental impact based on a variety of IPCC forecasted climate scenarios and models.

  2. Allow end-users to specify which datasets (from a subset of those available in the TDH) will be used by the EIS application.

  3. Provide visualisation of selected datasets and overlay these with visualisations of projected datasets under a variety of IPCC forecasted climate scenarios and models.

  4. Integration with the EIS tool to enable a variety of data to be gathered and provide an overall impact of climate changes.

  5. The tool will allow both raster and vector data sources to be visualised simultaneously e.g. hydrology data (vector based) and species distribution data (raster based).

  6. Pre-process data where necessary to improve performance.

  7. Visualisation will be available via the web .