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Australia is unique amongst developed countries in having a significant landmass in the tropics. Tropical Australia accounts for 46% of the nation's landmass and despite its low and dispersed population base, is the source of more than 30% of the nation's exports, particularly from mining, oil and gas. Six per cent of Australians live in the tropics, including close to one-third of indigenous Australians. In an era of climate change, tropical issues are of growing global significance. Approximately one-half of the world's population lives in the tropics. With population growth double the world average, the tropics are under severe and growing pressure.

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To meet the needs of researchers, James Cook University has developed a Tropical Data Hub as an 'open' portal, with contributors from a variety of state, commonwealth and university research programs submitting data sets and other content in an open and collaborative way. As well as hosting and exposing data, a key functionality of the portal is data searching (including via GIS methods) across disparate data sets.

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