The Measurement of Seagrass Photosynthesis Using PAM Fluorometry - Summary

Researchers: Horn, Lotte, Dr (Author) ,  Rivers, Lotte, Dr (Author)

Brief description Photosynthetic activity of three seagrass species, Posidonia sinuosa, Posidonia australis and Halophila ovalis, growing in Cockburn Sound, Western Australia, was assessed using an underwater pulse amplitude modulated fluorometer (Diving-PAM). The study aimed to determine possible causes and the extent of stress to seagrasses during transplantation, so that rehabilitation efforts can be improved by reducing stress during the transplant process.

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Data time period: 2003-10-10 to 2005-02

115.78,-32.12 115.78,-32.29 115.65,-32.29 115.65,-32.12 115.78,-32.12


text: westlimit=115.65; southlimit=-32.29; eastlimit=115.78; northlimit=-32.12

text: uplimit=4; downlimit=1

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