Terrorism, Pandemic Influenza, and Global Warming: Future Conceptualisations and Societal Resilience [ 2008 - 2010 ]

Research Grant

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Researchers Em/Prof B Raphael; Ms J Dunsmore

Brief description Understanding the potential and actual impact of mass adversity on individual and societal resilience and conceptualisation of the future will help improve the preparedness, response, and recovery by emergency workers, individuals, and society to these events. Guiding likely individual and social behaviours at an appropriate time will help to avoid or mitigate negative social, economic, and health impacts. Studying Bali survivors will lead to an understanding of how their experiences and recoveries have impacted their behaviours and perception of the future, and will identify the most effective professional and community responses to future threat.

Funding Amount $608,415

Funding Scheme Discovery Projects

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