Targeting ribosomal RNA transcription with CX-5461 as a new approach for treating cancer [ 2012 - 2014 ]

Also known as: A new approach to targeting cell growth for the treatment of cancer

Research Grant

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Researchers: Prof Grant Mcarthur (Principal investigator) ,  A/Pr Simon Harrison Dr Denis Drygin Dr John Lim Dr William Rice
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Brief description We have made the fundamental discovery that ribosomal gene transcription is not simply a 'house keeping' process in cancer cells but is required to maintain malignant cell viability. Strikingly inhibition of ribosomal gene transcription using a novel small molecule inhibitor, CX-5461, shows profound selectivity for malignant cells over normal cells. This proposal will translate these observations into 'first in man' phase 1 clinical trials of CX-5461 for the treatment of blood cancers.

Funding Amount $AUD 864,067.32

Funding Scheme Development Grants

Notes Development Grant

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