Systematic expansion of the clinical evidence base in opioid prescribing for refractory dyspnoea at the end of life [ 2008 - 2010 ]

Also known as: Improving the care of patients with refractory dyspnoea at the end of life.

Research Grant

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Researchers: Prof David Currow (Principal investigator) ,  Prof Amy Abernethy Prof Peter Frith Dr John Plummer

Brief description Morphine can relieve breathlessness in the palliative setting. But many important questions remain. What is the best dose, should the dose change over time, do different medications provide the same relief, and how common is dyspnoea in the general population? This three part project will extend our knowledge to answer these questions. Population data will provide critical background to plan best care for future palliative patients distressed by breathlessness.

Funding Amount $AUD 414,535.39

Funding Scheme NHMRC Project Grants

Notes Standard Project Grant

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