Studies on the Metal-Containing Granules in the Mussels, Mytilus galloprovincialis and Velesunio angasi

Researchers: Stanley, Frances (Author) ,  Stanley, Frances, Dr (Author)

Brief description Mussels were obtained from Cockburn Sound, WA; Derwent River Estuary, Tasmania and Copperfield Creek, NT from July 1993 to be used in a variety of experiments to test the hypothesis that metal-containing granules in the kidney of Mytilus galloprovincialis are used as a detoxification mechanism for excess zinc and to explore the validity of using the granules as a biomarker for excess zinc. Velesunio angasi was also investigated.

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Notes Credit
West Coast Mussels; Murdoch University; APRA scholarship; Thumbnail image from CSIRO Marine Research

Notes Purpose
To explore the validity of using granules in mussels as a biomarker for excess zinc.

Data time period: 1993-07

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115.7,-32.15 115.7,-32.18 115.66,-32.18 115.66,-32.15 115.7,-32.15


147.7,-42.7 147.7,-43.1 147.2,-43.1 147.2,-42.7 147.7,-42.7


132,-13.8 132,-14.1 131.7,-14.1 131.7,-13.8 132,-13.8


text: westlimit=115.66; southlimit=-32.18; eastlimit=115.7; northlimit=-32.15

text: westlimit=147.2; southlimit=-43.1; eastlimit=147.7; northlimit=-42.7

text: westlimit=131.7; southlimit=-14.1; eastlimit=132; northlimit=-13.8

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