Storylines Project

Research Project

Researchers: Vivien Johnson (Managed by, Manages)

Full description Storylines is the first sustained attempt to explore Indigenous art making outside of ‘remote’ Aboriginal Australia. The research was conducted by DAAO’s Editor-in-Chief Professor Vivien Johnson, Indigenous Research Officer Tess Allas, and research assistant Laura Fisher. It was supported by a three year (2007-9) Australian Research Council Discovery grant supplemented by the College of Fine Arts UNSW. Data collection proceeded on a state-by-state basis over a three year period, starting with NSW, the ACT and parts of Queensland, followed by Victoria and Tasmania, followed by those parts of Western Australia and South Australia which lie south of the so-called ‘Rowley line’ dividing ‘remote’ Indigenous Australians from those who live on this side of the ‘frontier’. Storylines’ findings have implications for Indigenous arts funding policies, but the project’s concerns are primarily cultural and conceptual: the re-positioning of Indigenous artists from ‘settled’ Australia as part of both Indigenous art and Australian contemporary art.

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