Stock and Brands Branch [Division of Animal Industry]

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A branch established to manage stock diseases and the registration of brands appears to have been in existence from 1878 (1)

The Stock and Brands Branch
The main function of the Stock Branch in 1940 was to inspect stock for diseases, and recommend treatment programmes such as dipping for cattle tick. The Branch was also responsible for managing public watering places in the Western Division. (2)

In the first half of 1941, the Stock Branch was incorporated into the newly created Division of Animal industry. (3)

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(2) Annual Report of the Department of Agriculture for 1940, p.24 in NSW Parliamentary Papers 1940-1941 Vol.1 p.28.
(3) Annual Report of the Public Service Board for 1940, p.26 in NSW Parliamentary Papers 1940-1941 Vol.3 p.46 and Annual Report of the Public Service Board for 1941 p.23 in NSW Parliamentary Papers 1941-1942 Vol.1 p.427.


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