Stawell Water Board

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The Stawell Water Board was constituted under the provisions of the Water and Sewerage Authorities (Restructuring) Act 1983 by Order-in Council of 5 June 1984 and (gazetted on 6 June 1984).

The Stawell Water Board VA 4961 succeeded the Town of Stawell VA 558 and the Stawell Sewerage Authority VA 2032.

Water Reforms

Under Section 8 of the Water and Sewerage Authorities (Restructuring) Act 1983 (No 9895) Waterworks Trusts and Sewerage Authorities were abolished. Water Boards replaced Waterworks Trusts and Sewerage Authorities, or the functions were transferred to Municipalities.

Further reforms in the 1990's led to the amalgamation of many of the Water Boards created after 1983.

The end date of the Stawell Water Board is subject to research.

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