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The Transport Act 1983 (No.9921) significantly restructured the administration of transport functions in Victoria. Under the provisions of the Act a State Transport Authority (VA 1038) was established succeeding Victorian Railways (VA 2876) and the Railway Construction and Property Board (VA 615), as the authority responsible for the operation of intrastate and interstate freight and passenger services by rail and road outside the Melbourne metropolitan area. The Authority commenced operations on 1 July 1983.


Functions for which the Authority assumed responsibility from Victorian Railways (VA 2876) included:

provision of rail and ancillary services for freight and passengers
provision of contract road freight services
provision of contract passenger road coach services
operation of Engineering Workshops
co-ordination of commercial road coach services in Victoria outside the metropolitan area
licensing of ferry services in Victoria outside the metropolitan area
operation of Mt Buffalo Chalet (until 1986 when this passed to the Victorian Tourism Commission (VA 2871)).

The Authority also assumed responsibility for the co-ordination of urban bus services outside the metropolitan area from the Transport Regulation Board (VA 2738).

To carry out these functions the Authority comprised a number of administrative divisions.

The Metropolitan Rail Division (MetRail) which reported primarily to the Metropolitan Transit Authority (VA 1044) concerning its operation and the co-ordination of its services, also reported to the State Transport Authority on matters of safety.


The Authority ceased operations on 30 June 1989 following the proclamation of the Transport (Amendment) Act, 1989 (No.44/1989) which drew the functions of the State Transport Authority and of the Metropolitan Transit Authority (VA 1044) together to form the Public Transport Corporation (VA 2984).

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