Springvale and District Community Hospital

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The Springvale and District Community Hospital commenced operation as a registered hospital on 1 May 1950 when a Committee of management representing the public of Springvale took over the running of the 5 bed St William's Hospital. The hospital was incorporated under s.46 of the Hospital and Charities Act on 11 December 1956.

Over succeeding years renovations, extensions and new works expanded the hospital's capacity to 26 beds. The hospital provided medical services for both public and patients (including outpatients). A total of 44,259 patients were treated and 16,585 babies born.

The hospital closed on 10 April 1988 following an agreement between the Minister for Health, the Health Department and the Hospital Committee of Management. Ownership of the hospital's land, buildings, plant and equipment was transferred to the Springvale Community Health Service although responsibility for patient care in the Springvale district passed to the Monash medical Centre, Clayton.

Source: Final Annual Return: Springvale and District Community Hospital 1988.

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Data time period: [1950 TO 1988]

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