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Researchers: Adele Morrison (Chief Investigator) ,  Alan Aitken (Chief Investigator) ,  Alexander Sen Gupta (Chief Investigator) ,  Andrew Bowie (Chief Investigator) ,  Andrew McMinn (Chief Investigator)
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Brief description The Australian Centre for Excellence in Antarctic Science. The Centre will revolutionise predictions of the future of East Antarctica and the Southern Ocean. Changes in the Antarctic will be profoundly costly to Australia, including sea-level and fisheries impacts; but the speed and scale of future change remains poorly understood. A new national-scale and interdisciplinary Centre is required to understand the complex interactions of the ocean, ice sheets, atmosphere and ecosystems that will govern Antarctica’s future. The Centre will combine new field data with innovative models to address Australia’s Antarctic science priorities, train graduate students, develop leaders, engage the public, and enable major economic benefit as Australia adapts to climate change in the coming years and beyond.

Funding Amount $20,000,000

Funding Scheme Special Research Initiatives

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