South Western Sydney Ground Water

Research Project

Researchers: Willem Vervoort (Owned by, Managed by)

Brief description This project is funded by the NSW DPI and investigates: - Does saline groundwater occur in Western Sydney? - Where does shallow groundwater occur in Western Sydney and is it always saline? - What, if any spatial variation is occurring in the shallow groundwater? - How many shallow aquifer systems can be identified in Western Sydney, and what is their likely extent? - Do the physical or chemical characteristics of the shallow groundwater vary seasonally or on longer time scales? - What is the source of the shallow groundwater and the salt in the region? - Are evaporation and/or transpiration affecting the geochemistry of the shallow groundwater? - Are there processes operating in the aquifer that are altering the geochemistry of the groundwater such as water-rock interaction? - Where do recharge and discharge occur and how does the groundwater move between these areas? - How is the geology affecting the geochemistry, the recharge, the discharge and the movement of the groundwater?

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