Single and dual process models of recognition memory: Reconciliation of behavioural, electrophysiological, and neuroimaging data [ 2008 - 2010 ]

Research Grant

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Researchers A/Prof JC Dunn; Dr SJ Dennis; Dr GI de Zubicaray

Brief description Advanced brain scanning technologies are increasingly used to study human memory. As well as being important for our basic understanding of memory, they also tell us how memory is affected by normal development, ageing, disease, and injury. Unfortunately, because these technologies are so new, a gap has opened up between our psychological understanding of memory and the physiological events measured by the scanning technologies. This has created a problem for how we should interpret the results that are found. The present project aims to close this gap by applying new research methodologies and theoretical insights based on our previous research.

Funding Amount $205,000

Funding Scheme Discovery Projects

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