Silencing visceral nociceptors by targeting NaV1.1: A novel therapeutic approach for treating Irritable Bowel Syndrome [ 2018 - 2020 ]

Research Grant

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Researchers: A/Pr Stuart Brierley (Principal investigator) ,  A/Pr Grigori Rychkov Dr Irina Vetter Prof Richard Lewis

Brief description Patients with Irritable Bowel Syndrome suffer from chronic abdominal pain and co-morbidities such as over-active bladder. These symptoms arise from sensory nerve fibres in the colon and bladder that signal pain to innocuous stimuli. We are excited to report that a specific voltage-gated sodium channel, called NaV1.1, plays a key pathological role in generating these symptoms. Here, we will specifically target and block NaV1.1 expressing pain-sensing neurons, provide key advances for therapies.

Funding Amount $AUD 706,563.82

Funding Scheme Project Grants

Notes Standard Project Grant

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