Serum mesothelin-related protein as an early marker of mesothelioma [ 2005 - 2007 ]

Also known as: Development of early screening diagnosis for asbestos-exposed individuals

Research Grant

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Researchers: Prof Bruce Robinson (Principal investigator) ,  Prof Arthur Musk Prof Jenette Creaney Prof Richard Lake

Brief description The deadly asbestos-induced cancer mesothelioma is continuing to kill tens of thousands of individuals per year and its incidence is increasing. It is expected to cost communities hundreds of billions of dollars in compensation. This disease is usually already quite advanced by the time a patients presents to a doctor with symptoms so we have been working on methods of early detection. This project studies a new, exciting method of diagnosis using blood levels of a molecule called 'SMRP'. Late last year we published a paper in the prestigious journal Lancet showing that SMRP was a good test to help diagnose mesothelioma and this became a lead news item around the world because of widespread concern about this disease. In those studies we found strong clues that this test was very sensitive and could detect mesothelioma a year or so before a patient develops symptoms. In this grant we will evaluate whether this test could be useful for screening asbestos-exposed individuals for early detection of this cancer. We will also study ways of improving the test using laboratory methods. This would provide a foundation for studies aimed at determining if early treatment could improve patient survival.

Funding Amount $AUD 354,750.00

Funding Scheme NHMRC Project Grants

Notes Standard Project Grant

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