Royal Commission into the Administration of the Hospital for the Insane at Kew

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Appointment and Function

The Royal Commission into the administration of the Hospital for the Insane at Kew was appointed on 22 October 1924 to investigate charges of mal-administration laid against the Junior Medical Officer by members of the Asylum staff. The Inspector General of the Insane had held an inquiry in August 1924 during which it was alleged that "Reginald Spencer Ellery, Esq., M.B., B.S., Junior Medical Officer of the Hospital for the Insane, Kew, had been guilty of certain grave acts of commission and omission in respect of his administration of the affairs of the said Hospital, and in particular in his conduct towards the patients therein, and further that proper provision has not been made for the comfort and well-being of the patients."

The Governor-in-Council then determined that "ALFRED ALDRIDGE KELLEY be appointed a Royal Commission to inquire into and report as to the truth or otherwise of the said complaints and generally into the administration by the said Reginald Spencer Ellery and others of the affairs of the said Hospital for the Insane. Kew, so far as such administration touches such complaints or matters cognate thereto." (Government Gazette 29 October 1924). The Commission heard evidence for eleven days between 5 and 19 November 1924. Subsequent action was taken by the Chief Secretary (VRG 26) who was the Minister responsible for asylums.

See also VRG 8 Health and Welfare Agencies and VRG 39 Health for further information about the administration of mental health in Victoria.

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Data time period: 1924

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