The role of supervisors in managing psychosocial risk factors in the workplace: Implications for employee health and organisational effectiveness [ 2007 - 2009 ]

Research Grant

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Researchers Dr NL Jimmieson; Dr P Bordia

Brief description This research aims to increase the capacity of Australian employers to identify and manage psychosocial risk factors in the workplace. By promoting a continuous improvement approach to occupational stress management, negative outcomes for employers will be reduced, in terms of absenteeism, turnover, and associated losses in productivity. By making business operators more robust to work-related stressors, their need to react to critical stress-related incidents will be lessened and government resources will not be lost as a result of processing claims. In terms of social benefits, this research aims to enhance the quality of working life for employees.

Funding Amount $186,017

Funding Scheme Linkage Projects

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