The Role of P62/A170 in Pathological Bone Destruction [ 2005 - 2007 ]

Also known as: Bone disease: mechanism of bone destruction

Research Grant

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Researchers: Prof Minghao Zheng (Principal investigator) ,  Dr Lin Huang Prof Jiake Xu

Brief description Approximately up to 30% of patients are admitted to public hospitals in Australia for reasons related to skeletal disorders, including trauma, osteoarthritis, osteoporosis, primary and secondary bone tumours, genetic and metabolic disorders. Abnormal bone resorption contributes to most of these diseases and conditions. Based on the clinical evidence of P62 mutation in patients with Paget's Disease of bone and our observation of the involvement of P62 in RANKL-induced NF-Kb signaling, we propose that intracellular molecule P62-A172 may play an important part in the switch off-on signals necessary for bone resorbing cells to resorb bone. To this end, we will study the molecular mechanism of P62 in action, and the interaction with its possible partners for the facilitation of abnormal bone resorption. The clinical significance of this project is to: 1) enhance understanding of abnormal bone resorption in Orthopaedic related diseases and conditions. 2) provide a strategy of drug development for the treatment of these disease and conditions.

Funding Amount $AUD 276,000.00

Funding Scheme NHMRC Project Grants

Notes Standard Project Grant

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