The role of osteocytes in particle induced osteolysis [ 2013 - 2016 ]

Also known as: Particle induced osteolysis and osteocytes

Research Grant

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Researchers: Prof David Findlay (Principal investigator) ,  Prof Gerald Atkins Prof David Haynes Prof Donald Howie

Brief description Hip replacements often fail due to the loss of adjacent bone. Metal or polyethylene particles are produced as the prosthesis bearing surface wears but how do these particles lead to bone loss? Our work suggests involvement of osteocytes within the bone mineral, which are increasingly understood to drive bone physiology and pathology. We will explore the role of the osteocytes by examining their response to particles, which may identify a new target to prevent particle-induced bone loss.

Funding Amount $AUD 457,196.55

Funding Scheme Project Grants

Notes Standard Project Grant

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