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The Roads Corporation commenced operations on 1 July 1989, assuming responsibility for all functions relating to the development of the State's roads and road traffic management previously undertaken by the Road Construction Authority (VA 1054) and the Road Traffic Authority (VA 1036). The Corporation was established under the Transport (Amendment) Act 1989 (44/1989). The trading name Vic Roads is used to identify the Roads Corporation.


The functions of the Roads Corporation, as set out in the Act, are essentially those carried out by its two previous agencies. The main functions are:

- to maintain, upgrade and extend the State's road network
- in conjunction with municipalities, to assist in the maintenance, upgrading and construction of other roads
- to design, construct and maintain traffic signals and other traffic facilities for the purposes of traffic management
- to determine load limits and speed limits
- to provide and maintain roadside reserves
- to establish guidelines and requirements for the issue of vehicle mass and dimension permits
- to provide registration and licensing procedures associated with road transport
- to develop and implement road safety strategies and road safety education programs
- to develop and implement traffic management strategies
- to specify and promote the adoption of road accident prevention practices
- to develop and supervise regulations applicable to road traffic
- to compete for road construction and other projects on the open market
- to promote and undertake research into any matter relating to the performance of its functions.

Administrative Arrangements

The Roads Corporation is subject to the control and general direction of the Director-General of Transport and, ultimately the Minister for Transport. A Roads Corporation Board is appointed by the Minister to provide advice to the Chief Executive of the Corporation.

In addition, the Roads Corporation is assisted by a Road Safety Board appointed by the Minister for Transport. The Board reports to the Corporation on road safety matters.

Although the merger of the Road Construction Authority (VA 1054) and the Road Traffic Authority (VA 1036) to form the Roads Corporation brought responsibilities relating to both road construction and traffic management within the ambit of the one agency, in its early stages the Corporation has continued to operate with two distinct functional divisions. Corporate and management services are, however being integrated and a common record-keeping system has been established. Further research will be necessary to determine the extent to which the functional division is retained in the Corporation's structure in the long term.
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