Retinal vascular signs as predictors of systemic disease outcomes: 10-year evolution in a population-based cohort [ 2004 - 2006 ]

Also known as: Retinal vascular signs predict systemic disease

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Researchers: Prof Paul Mitchell (Principal investigator) ,  Prof Jie Jin Wang Prof Tien Wong Prof Wayne Smith

Brief description Recent U.S. data from two population-based studies have highlighted retinal microvascular signs as being predictive of systemic vascular and other important health outcomes in middle-aged or older individuals, particularly stroke and heart attack and mortality, independent of traditional vascular risk factors. The present application proposes to evaluate the 10-year development and progression of retinal microvascular signs and their relations to the development of stroke and other important systemic health outcomes in the population-based cohort of residents attending the Blue Mountains Eye Study (BMES. Two types of retinal signs will be evaluated: firstly, the presence of specific clinical signs, such as focal narrowing of small retinal vessels (arterioles), nicking of retinal veins as arterioles cross them or presence of retinopathy (haemorrhages and other signs) secondly, measures of generalized retinal vessel calibre (narrowing) using a computer-assisted method developed for the U.S. studies. We will also develop new grading methods for two other signs. Late and will compare computer-assisted grading from 35mm slides to automated grading of vessels using a scanning device (being developed) to screen the eyes of older persons. This project builds upon our current 3-year NHMRC grant (ID153948; 2001-2003) Retinal vascular signs as risk markers for incident stroke or cerebrovascular death: A population-based assessment . In the last 2 years, this has explored different aspects of measurement and grading of these signs, has documented their relation to blood pressure and has begun to assess whether these features predict vascular events and other systemic outcomes in older Australians. The new project will assess the evolution of retinal microvascular signs over a 10-year period, using data and retinal photographs from the 10-year examinations of the BMES cohort, currently being collected, in a further current NHMRC grant (ID211069; 2002-2004).

Funding Amount $AUD 389,575.00

Funding Scheme NHMRC Project Grants

Notes Standard Project Grant

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