The relationship between maternal and infant dietary intake of fermentable fibre, gut microbiota, short chain fatty acids and allergic disease and asthma: a population-derived birth cohort study [ 2015 - 2019 ]

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Researchers: Prof Peter Vuillermin (Principal investigator) ,  Dr Michael Conlon Dr Yuxia Zhang Prof Anne-Louise Ponsonby Prof David Topping
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Brief description The proposed study will involve the Barwon Infant Study (BIS) cohort of 1074 infants to provide the first systematic investigation of the hypotheses that the epidemic of allergic disease and asthma in many parts of the world relates to the paucity of fermentable fibre in the modern diet, and that the protective effect of fermentable fibre is mediated by changes in the organisms that colonise the gut and the metabolites that they produce.

Funding Amount $AUD 871,700.09

Funding Scheme Project Grants

Notes Standard Project Grant

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