Randomised controlled trial of a financial counselling intervention and smoking cessation assistance to reduce smoking in socioeconomically disadvantaged groups [ 2012 - 2016 ]

Also known as: Reducing smoking in socioeconomically disadvantaged groups: A trial of a financial counselling intervention with NRT

Research Grant

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Researchers: Prof Richard Mattick (Principal investigator) ,  Dr Kristy Martire Prof Billie Bonevski Prof Christopher Doran Prof Michael Farrell
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Brief description Socioeconomically disadvantaged groups are more likely to smoke than other sectors of the community. This difference has been attributed, in part, to increased rates of relapse. Relapse is strongly and consistently predicted by financial stress. This project attempts to reduce relapse by reducing financial stress among disadvantaged smokers through the provision of financial counselling as an adjunct to NRT.

Funding Amount $AUD 2,029,661.98

Funding Scheme Project Grants

Notes Standard Project Grant

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