Quantifying the ventilatory control contribution to obstructive sleep apnoea using clinical polysomnography [ 2014 - 2018 ]

Also known as: Measuring breathing control in people with obstructive sleep apnoea.

Research Grant

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Researchers: Dr Philip Terrill (Principal investigator) ,  Dr Bradley Edwards Dr Scott Sands Prof Stephen Wilson

Brief description Obstructive sleep apnoea is a highly prevalent condition with limited treatment options. New research shows that many patients have sleep apnoea because of a hypersensitive control of breathing (instability). Yet there is no way to measure instability and target it clinically. We aim to refine and apply a powerful new method to measuring breathing instability using a conventional sleep study, to allow treatments for sleep apnoea to be targeted at those patients who will respond most effectively.

Funding Amount $AUD 196,995.73

Funding Scheme Project Grants

Notes Standard Project Grant

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