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The Proteome Browser is an analysis tool which integrates protein data from a number of proteomics and genomic data sources. It displays a "Traffic Light" report , where the X axis will relate to each gene (i.e. protein) ordered by default in the order found on the Chromosome, and the Y axis relates to the various protein data sources/sets.

The "traffic light" system is used to indicate cases where different types of data exists and does not exist for a particular protein. Various aspects of the underlying contributing information is envisaged to be available for further analyses using clustering and drill down/through capabilities. The screen is dynamic showing relevant information according to the type of information selected on the Traffic Light Report and will provide links to external systems where appropriate.

Example analytical functions that are envisaged include: Hierarchical clustering of protein data on the X axis based on the information of the other axis (similar in function to clustering tools that are currently used to classify gene expression data across 10’s of 1000’s of data points). Similar, yet directed analysis of specific proteins based on functional classification (e.g. only enzymes or structural proteins (and many subsets thereof)), disease involvement (e.g. only those associated with diabetes, heart disease) is also envisaged. These analysis functions will assist in producing a resource that will help elucidate biological and molecular function and advance diagnosis and treatment of diseases.

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