Prof Clive Prestidge

University of South Australia
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Professor Clive Prestidge is a physical chemist who specialises in fundamental and applied aspects of colloid and interface science. Clive's PhD from Bristol University was concerned with polymers at interfaces, in particular the application of FTIR to determine adsorbed polymer conformations. He joined the University of South Australia in 1990 as a post-doctoral fellow to investigate the colloid and surface properties of minerals, particularly applications to sulphide mineral flotation and alumina crystallization. During the late 90's Clive developed a strong interest in the application of colloid and interfacial chemistry to pharmaceutical delivery systems and has subsequently developed this area within the Ian Wark Research Institute and through a number of national and international collaborations.
Clive is currently a Research Professor and Associate Director: Nanomedicine at The Wark and leads research teams with a primary focus on nano-structured drug delivery systems and interfacial science applied to pharmaceutical formulation and delivery.

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