Prevention and Treatment of Chronic Heart and Kidney Disease via Epidemiological, Pharmacol Device and Cell-Based Approaches [ 2009 - 2014 ]

Also known as: Prevention and Treatment of Chronic Heart and Kidney Disease

Research Grant

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Researchers: Prof Henry Krum (Principal investigator) ,  Prof Darren Kelly Prof Christopher Reid

Brief description Heart failure describes where the heart cannot pump adequately to meet the needs of the body. This condition has a high mortality despite recent advances in therapy, therefore, there is an urgent need for new approaches to this condition. The present grant aims to: (1) identify patients at high-risk for future development of this condition where early intervention with drugs may reduce or prevent the development of new heart failure; (2) use novel drugs, devices and stem cell therapies to identify ways to better treat patients with existing disease; (3) focus on the effect of heart failure on the kidney and vice versa via early diagnosis and treatment strategies

Funding Amount $AUD 5,795,334.50

Funding Scheme Programs

Notes Program Grant

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