The prevention, early detection, & effective management of neurocognitive disorders in the elderly [ 2005 - 2009 ]

Also known as: Neurocognitive disorders in the elderly

Research Grant

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Researchers: Prof Perminder Sachdev (Principal investigator) ,  Prof Gavin Andrews Prof Henry Brodaty

Brief description The unprecedented greying of the world population is posing a major challenge to health care in meeting the needs of older individuals with cognitive disorders such as Alzheimer�s disease. At the same time, drugs are being developed to prevent these disorders, or to treat them effectively. Our proposal is a comprehensive attempt at dealing with the neuropsychiatric aspects of these neurocognitive disorders. Our group is endeavouring to better define the early stages of these disorders, and studying methods of detecting them at an early stage, using the latest neuropsychological and neuroimaging techniques. We wish to investigate new drugs for the prevention of dementia. Much of dementia is not treated early because of lack of training of primary care physicians in identifying dementia, and we are developing methods to deal with this problem. We are also examining the role of cognitive disorders in accidents and suicides in the elderly, and the development of depression. We are determining the role of psychiatric disorders in the care of these patients, and the methods of alleviating the burden of disease. We expect that this research will make a major impact on health policy for these disorders in Australia. We also hope to make our Program the premier centre for training in geriatric neuropsychiatry.

Funding Amount $AUD 4,929,014.72

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