Preston (Shire 1885-1922; Borough 1922-1926; City 1926-1994)

Public Record Office Victoria
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This council was abolished on 22 June 1994 as part of a statewide program of local government reform enacted between 1993 and 1995. The reform process reduced the number of councils from 210 to 78. The City of Darebin (VA 3683) has been appointed as the successor in law of the City of Preston and has assumed its rights, assets and liabilities.

Created Shire of Preston, 11 September, 1885. Proclaimed a Borough, 14 March, 1922; a Town, 24 May, 1922. Proclaimed a City 14 July 1926.

Previous Agency

Jika (Shire 1871-1885).

Location of Records

See List of Holdings, 1985, section 10.5.0. and list below.

Data time period: [1885 TO 1994]

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