Platform for Young Public health researchers to Upgrade their Scientific training Experience and independent Status [ 2002 - 2007 ]

Also known as: PLATYPUSES

Research Grant

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Researchers: Prof Dallas English (Principal investigator) ,  Dr Helen Dixon Dr Jisheng Cui Dr Laura Baglietto Dr Michael Fotheringham
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Brief description This proposal builds on the applicants’ experience with existing large prospective studies and on studies of families of patients with bowel, breast or prostate cancer. The research environment will expose early career researchers to a number of multi-disciplinary approaches relating primarily to prevention of cancer, including studies of the role of diet and genetic factors in the development of cancer, as well as intervention trials to promote healthy eating and cessation of smoking. The grant will build Australian capacity in research at the forefront of dietary, molecular and genetic epidemiology, including the development of statistical methods for the analysis of family data, and interventions to change behaviour. The grant will also allow clustering of the largest group of genetic epidemiologist-statisticians in Australia, provide a basis for data linkage with State and Commonwealth health services data bases and allow greater development of existing links with international researchers in these areas.

Funding Amount $AUD 1,842,500.00

Funding Scheme Capacity

Notes Population Health Capacity Building Grant

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