Paul Roe

Also known as: Paul Roe, Professor Paul Roe
National Library of Australia
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Professor Paul Roe received his MEng from the University of York in 1987 and his PhD from the University of Glasgow in 1991. He is currently a full professor in the Science and Engineering Faculty at QUT, in Brisbane Australia. At QUT, he founded and led the Microsoft-QUT eResearch Centre, a collaboration between the Queensland State Government, Microsoft Research and QUT which investigated smart tools for eResearch.

Professor Roe has published over 100 papers, received over $7M in competitive research funding (50% in category one research) and graduated more than 21 research students. He has organised numerous conferences and is an editor for Future Generation Computer Systems. He undertakes novel interdisciplinary research, including ecological acoustic monitoring systems which enable new scales of environmental monitoring through big data collection and analysis, and novel computer systems supporting communication and collaboration in remote Aboriginal communities.

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