Pandemic influenza vaccine: exploiting the conserved HA cleavage site [ 2006 - 2006 ]

Research Grant

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Researchers: Dr Peng Li (Principal investigator) ,  Dr David Boyle Dr Tim Bowden Dr Timothy Kuchel Prof John Finnie
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Brief description Influenza virus needs to cleave its surface spike protein, hemagglutinin or HA, to become mature and infectious. This project is aimed at producing a vaccine that will block the cleavage thus rendering the virus non-infectious. To achieve this, we will use synthetic fragments (called peptides) of the viral HA spike protein mimicking its cleavage site to immunize mice. This will produce specific antibodies that will bind to the cleavage site while the virus is inside the infected cell, thus preventing the viral spike protein from being cleaved and remain immature. This idea is particularly suited to fight the bird flu, as all pathogenic bird influenza viruses cleave HA spike proteins within the infected cell.

Funding Amount $AUD 243,300.00

Funding Scheme NHMRC Strategic Awards

Notes Urgent Research - Pandemic Influenza - H5N1

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