P455 - Timing & geodetic precession in the double pulsar and two relativistic binaries

Also known as: P455

Researchers: Marta Burgay (Associated with)

Brief description This project is to continue timing and profile monitoring of the first double-pulsar system and two other relativistic binaries discovered in our surveys. These systems provide unique laboratories for gravitational physics. In order to exploit them, we had combined the previous projects P455 & P400 into one request. In addition to the double pulsar we want to continue our studies of the double neutron star PSR J1756-2251, and the relativistic binary J1141-6545. We aim to provide the strongest tests to date for general relativity and to measure for the first time the moment-of-inertia of a neutron star. Additionally, we will determine the system geometries and map the pulsar beams via geodetic precession.

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