P1152 - Follow-up of bulge MSP candidates detected by both Chandra and VLA

Also known as: P1152

Brief description Pulsars are fast rotating neutron stars, reaching hundreds of rotation per second for the fastest ones. In that case, they are called millisecond pulsars (MSPs). These objects are known to have a high-energy emission in gamma-rays and X-rays, as well as a radio emission. They are thought to be the cause of the mysterious Galactic Center excess, an emission of gamma-rays of unknown origin comming from the center of our Galaxy. Indeed, gamma-ray telescopes are not sensitive enough to detect MSPs as individual point sources, but detect the whole population emission as a diffuse emission. Finding, for the first time, MSPs in the Galactic bulge would be a first step in understanding the nature of the Galactic Center excess. We selected promising MSP candidates that are only detected at radio and X-ray wavelengthes so far for follow-up observations with the Parkes radiotelescope. Its unique features will help us detect their radio pulsation, if any, and reveal, or exclude, the MSP nature of our candidates.

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